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Outings to the vicinity of Kohoutov

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Betlém Betlém
Betlém Betlém

Sports activities

A number of cyclist routes and marked tourist paths pass through the town. There are also football and volleyball grounds.

Recreational activities

In the spring, protected snowflake plants blossom profusely along the stream in the centre of the town and baby kids can be seen at the local goat farm.
In the summer, you can enjoy a swim in the pond in the woods, walk through flowering meadows, pick wild strawberries and blueberries or sit out in the garden of the Pension restaurant.

Autumn in Kohoutov, which is a well-known centre of mushroom collecting, can be spent filling baskets with wild mushrooms and ripe fruit in the open alleyways.
In the winter, it is frequently possible to take trips on cross-country skis over the surrounding plains, with lovely views out into the countryside.

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