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The Landmarks in the Countryside

The Landmarks in the Countryside – 350 years from birth F. A. Špork

The two-year project of the Ceramics Studio of Jarmila Tyrnerová s. r. o. in Kohoutov entitled “Landmarks in the Countryside” is focussed on how to carry on the centuries of care for the Czech cultural landscape under modern conditions. It is concerned with designing artefacts that will tastefully complement the landscape and designate boundaries, important sites and events. In a more general sense, it takes into account all the boundaries and demarcations.
The landmarks designed in the project will have an appearance reminiscent of historical milestones, statues of the crucifixion and crosses located in the landscape, and will also reflect the period of their creation – the present. And they will be created so that they can be accepted by the people living in the countryside and considered to be part of their lives.

The project has been progressing since 2009 in the Ceramics Studio of Jarmila Tyrnerová s. r. o. in Kohoutov in honour of the 350th anniversary of the birth of F. A. Špork, who created the Baroque complex and the landscape composition around Kuks.

Events of the project in 2012

The project encompasses lectures for the professional public and members of the local community, workshops, specially oriented courses and international creative symposia. The work will culminate in 2012 with an exhibition in Dvůr Kralové nad Labem and in the Hospital in Kuks.
The “Landmarks in the Countryside” project is continuing. Foreign artists will be invited to participate in the autumn of 2012 and in 2013.
The sculptures created in the “Landmarks in the Countryside” project will be exhibited in the main hallway of the Hospital in Kuks during July of 2012. The Ceramics studio is one of the future organizers of teaching activities that will be held in part of the Hospital after completion of reconstruction within the Kuks – Pomegranate project.

The 2nd annual ceramics symposium was commenced in Kohoutov on 26 May, 2012 with a series of lectures entitled Discourses about man and the landscape. These lectures were organized by the Civic Association of Kohoutov and were devoted this year to the Baroque composed landscape at the time of F. A. Špork. (The Ceramics Studio is one of the sponsors of the Discourses.)

Up to June 1, eight artists attending a symposium created further sculptures on the subject of “Landmarks in the Countryside”. (Participants: Jindra Viková, Ivica Langerová Vidrová, Veronika Selingerová, Anna Benešová, Irena Hirai, Eva Svobodová, Lenka Stodůlková, Jiří Votruba, Ivo Sláma)

Sympozium 2012 dílna 2 Sympozium 2012 dílna ucastnici symposia Mezniky 2012

In the spring of 2012, the exhibition “Landmarks in the Countryside of F.A. Špork” was held on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the birth of a man who helped to create the landscape and who was a patron of the local region (* 9 March, 1662).
The exhibition was held in the Granary of the Museum in Dvůr Kralové nad Labem. Here, the best models of sculptures created during the project were shown to the public, together with photographs depicting how the sculptures would look in the local landscape. Invitation
The works of the following participants in the symposium held in September of 2011 were exhibited:
Jan Fabián, Kurt Gebauer, Irena Hirai, Petr Hůza, Iva Ouhrabková, Helena Samohelová, Lenka Stodůlková, Eva Svobodová, Jindra Viková, Dalibor Worm.
GUESTS: Pavel Baňka, Anna Benešová, Sandra Gosmanová, Blanka Hasová, Blanka Hovorková Maříková, Lada Krupková Křesadlová, Jessica Mayne, Hana Novotná, Šárka Radová, Pavel Rajdl, Jitka Štenclová, Jiří Votruba.
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Events of the project planned in 2011

1. Small landmark – between private and public areas in the landscape
A site in Kohoutov has been selected and documented photographically – a dividing point between private property and a public roadway. A contemporary landmark is currently located here and it is the task of the author to create an alternative.
Participants in the project will create a model from material (from ceramics and other material) and photograph it according to the given instructions. The photographs will be placed on the Gallery on the Web.

2. Large landmark – between and normal and “holy” places in the landscape
A place in Kohoutov where, at the beginning of the municipality, a road turns off to “Holy Mound”, from which the whole village can be seen and where fires were lit on the “Witches” holiday, has been selected and photographed. There is no landmark here, but there could be one.
Participants will create a model of the landmark – sculpture – from material (ceramics and other material) and photograph it according to the given instructions. The photographs will be placed on the Gallery on the Web.

3. Drawing of a landmark – supplementary category
A drawing – sketch of a landmark (existing or proposed) in any chosen countryside. The only condition is that the drawing really be inspired by the landscape and that the participants actually create it outdoors. The scanned drawing will be placed on the Gallery on the Web.

Plastika Václav Fiala, Betlém – On March 26, ceramicists will meet in Kohoutov at the spring workshop of the sculptor Václav Fiala – Sculpture in public areas. This will be supplemented by a lecture on the selection of ceramic material for outdoor sculpture, which will be presented by the Brno ceramic artist Bob Jakeš. A long-term exhibition on this subject will be opened in the Gallery of the Ceramics Studio in April. Models of landmarks in both categories and drawings from the third category will be exhibited. Students and artists from other fields will also be invited to participate.

Events of the project in 2010

The project was commenced on March 27 and presented to ceramicists during a workshop led by the creative artist Iva Ouhrabková. The subject of the workshop consisted in cooperation between an architect and a creative artist in locating sculptures in the landscape and in architecture. Ing. arch. Pavel Vaněček also presented a lecture. The event was held in the Ceramics Studio in Kohoutov with participation by instructors, graduates of programs of the studio and guests. A set of photographs of the landscape around Kohoutov from the Photographic Atelier of J. E. Purkyně University, headed by Professor Pavel Baňka, was presented here for the first time.

Two one-week programs of Ceramic Sculpture on the subject “Landmarks in the Landscape”, under the leadership of Academic Sculptor Jindra Viková, were held in May and June. A total of 22 participants created models of exterior sculptures. The program was supplemented by lessons in drawing and an excursion to the countryside around Kohoutov. The objects created during the course were fictive – in the form of a sketch – set in a corner of the landscape.

INFOdlažba Within the project Transfer of Innovations in Professional Education under the European grant title Leonardo da Vinci, special lettering was developed, which can be transferred to ceramic material using stamps. In June, in the French ceramics centre CNIFOP, the production of the ceramic INFOtile compositional system using this stamped lettering was incorporated into an instructive video for education of ceramicists in the EU.

Another workshop was held in September in Kohoutov, for students of the Photographic Atelier of J. E. Purkyně University. Their work was concerned with study of historical landmarks and their contemporary “folk” art. The students prepared photographs of two particular places in Kohoutov, where the participants in the Gallery on the Web will locate landmarks according to their own design. The students also verified the technical potential for digital installation of a photograph of the model into a photograph of the landscape.

The results of the project to date will be presented on the following occasions:
Boží muka v poli, Kohoutov

Contact person for the project:

Ing. Jarmila Tyrnerová
Ceramics Studio of Jarmila Tyrnerová s.r.o., Kohoutov 74, 54401 Dvůr Králové nad Labem
Telephone: 499392416, 602182242, email:

Related projects

Path of Four Centuries is a long-term project of the Kohoutov Civic Association, concerned with restoring and interconnecting minor sacred objects in the municipality of Kohoutov. The Ceramics Studio acts as a sponsor for this project by donating INFOtiles with stamped letters for suitable designation of individual objects. The pathway has 12 stopping points and ends at the Baroque sundial from 1751, located on the wall of the church. The accompanying inscription, translated, reads “It’s later than you think”.
For the 2009 – 2011 period, the Ceramics Studio is participating as a partner in the Cultural Historical Heritage project as a starting point for expanding the knowledge, abilities and skills of pupils in education for sustainable development in local communities, financed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and EU funds.

The Ceramics Studio is a co-creator of the school project of the DK Grammar School, “Three Maps of the Region of F. A. Špork”, which will be elaborated as a pilot project for implementation in other schools. Within the project, the Ceramics Studio is preparing a teaching program, in which artistic techniques are employed as a means of experiencing and understanding the values of the cultural historical heritage.

Keramické studio Jarmily Tyrnerové s.r.o., Kohoutov 74, 544 01 Dvůr Králové nad Labem
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