The courses tree Modelling and Glazing Tiles and Mosaics Celtic Ceramics Japanese Inspirations I Japanese Inspirations II Ceramic Jewellery Puppets and Games Ceramic Clocks Masks, Puppets, Amulets Lamps Ceramics for Gardens Ceramics in the Home Relief and Jardinière Ceramic Sculpture Enamel and Jewellery Weekend for Beginners Basics of Throwing on the Wheel Second Throwing on the Wheel Ceramics and Wicker Mugs with Sculptured Decoration Throwing and Engoba Ceramics and Flowers Stoneware and Wiring Tea Pots Five Ways Japanese Tea Pots Other Tea Pots Throwing Workshop Plaster Moulds I Casting Ceramics Porcelain – Potential of the Material Plaster Moulds II Painted Ceramics Cobalt under Glaze Alchemy of Glazes and Colours Creation of Projects in Ceramics Photographic Doc. of Ceramics ‚Puppet‘ Project Project on the Environment and Ceramics Imprint of History Clay Theatre Christmas Table Ceramics Like in Primeval Times Spring of Inspiration Business Fundamentals Requalification ‚Work with Ceramics‘ Requalification ‚Instructor‘ Open Doors Day