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The Ceramics school Kohoutov

Budova Keramického studia v noci

The Ceramics Studio is located in the historical protected building of the Baroque school in the centre of the municipality of Kohoutov.

The Studio does not attempt to compete with the already sufficient number of good professional schools of ceramics.
It has a quite different objective. Its conception is attractive for those who discovered ceramics at a later stage in their lives than during school attendance, frequently through the back door from a different craft or field. Consequently, participants do not encounter classification as professionals and amateurs, but an open system of interconnected programs provides a range of incentives, knowledge and skills intended to improve the quality of their work from the standpoint of both the craft and the art.

Keramické studio Jarmily Tyrnerové s.r.o., Kohoutov 74, 544 01 Dvůr Králové nad Labem
Phone: 00420 499 392 416, cell phone: 00420 602 182 242