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Transfer of Innovation – Leonardo da Vinci EU:

This project should be thought of by schools and professionals in the world of ceramics as additional tool to aid creation, tranfer innovation, to share skills, the development in communication and in digital training tools, in a modern dynamic allowing this ancestral craft to find its just and noble place in european cultural and artistic heritage.
Newsletter March 2010
Newsletter June 2010

The first coordination meeting took place at EMA-CNIFOP project coordinator at Saint Amand en Puisaye (France) from the 30th of March to the 1st of April 2010.

In the second week of June the ceramists, training staff and artists from Kohoutov and Saint Amand en Puisaye followed one another in front of the camera in order to present their techniques. They will be followed at the end of June or in the beginning of July by their French and English counterparts. The 6 finished films will be as many inventive teaching tools in the developement of european ceramic culture.

Project coordinator EMA-CNIFOP Saint Amand en Puisaye in France,
The EMA-CNIFOP international training center for arts-crafts and ceramics was created in 1979 by potters and the townhall members of Saint Amand en Puisaye in order to train workers for the local ceramics industry. At the dawn of its 3rd decade, the center launched a fundemental change in its training program, facilitating a more global approach to ceramics whilst keeping the technical base.

Since 2003, wishing to progress, the center joined european projects, notably the “EQUAL” programmes that has permitted them to open out to and develop new pedagogical concepts and partnerships notably with the school of Kohoutov.

Wolverhampton University UK

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Sádrová forma Hodové dílky Výsledná mozaika

priprava zemite glazury smaceni do glazury dekorace rytim krasa povrchu zemitych glazur

Project IDEAL:

The Ceramics Studio was part of an international project in the period from August 2009 till June 2011. Description and result of the project is here

Workshop v Dublinu…ay-and-water

IDEAL – Intercultural Drawing for European Adult Learning – is a seven-fold partnership of differing organisations aiming to establish and disseminate creative methods of facilitating drawing for adult learners as a democratic form of inter-cultural dialogue. IDEAL will transfer approaches that develop cultural expression, social competences
and inter-personal skills with the rationale, proven in the UK by The Campaign for Drawing, that drawing forms a:

  1. Visual capability that transcends verbal barriers and promotes cross-cultural collaboration
  2. Cultural expression that adults can practice, explore, celebrate, and share with others
  3. Entrepreneurial link between ideas and action, encouraging individual initiative and risk taking
  4. Creative way of learning-to-learn, enabling adults to understand and extend their capabilities
  5. Social activity, developing self-confidence as a spring-board to improved personal competence.

RAKU a kresba Through mobilities and interim activities in their own country, adult learners (visual arts practitioners) will be trained to facilitate culturally themed drawing workshops – ultimately benefiting well over a thousand adult learners during the project. The impact of IDEAL will be sustained through disseminating best practices as a toolkit, published concurrent with the project on partner organisation websites, thus making the methodology available Europe-wide as an innovative pedagogical approach to adult learning.

All partners are engaged in enabling adults, including older learners, to participate in approaches to culturally focused life-long learning. Whilst some partners specifically target vulnerable and marginalised social groups, all partners offer them opportunities for personal development and/or return to learning through their socially inclusive missions and on-going activities. Though markedly varied in scale, location, resources, institutional mission, and field or mode of operation, the organisations complement each other to form a strong partnership.


Three maps of F. A. Sporck:

The Ceramics Studio is a co-creator of the school project of the DK Grammar School, “Three Maps of the Region of F. A. Špork”, which will be elaborated as a pilot project for implementation in other schools. Within the project, the Ceramics Studio is preparing a teaching program, in which artistic techniques are employed as a means of experiencing and understanding the values of the cultural historical heritage.……

For the 2009 – 2011 period, the Ceramics Studio is participating as a partner in the Cultural Historical Heritage project as a starting point for expanding the knowledge, abilities and skills of pupils in education for sustainable development in local communities, financed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and EU funds.

Requalification project:

In the period from October 1, 2006 to June 30, 2008, the CZ.04.1.03/1.1­.08.3/3323 Requalification Project is being held at the Ceramics Studio for the positions of “Work with Ceramics” and “Ceramics Instructor”. This project is co-financed by the European Social Fund and the state budget of the Czech Republic.

In the framework of the project, 22 participants received a “Certificate of Requalification for Work with Ceramics” and the same number obtained a “Certificate of Requalification for the Position of an Instructor of Ceramics”. Throughout the project, the Ceramics Studio cooperated closely with the KAROlinka Trutnov mothers’ centre, where model programs for children and their mothers were tested. These programs and other ways of utilizing ceramics were summarized at a four-day conference entitled “Ceramics as a medium for developing creative abilities”.

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