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Keramické centrum

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Project coordinator EMA-CNIFOP Saint Amand en Puisaye in France,
The EMA-CNIFOP international training center for arts-crafts and ceramics was created in 1979 by potters and the townhall members of Saint Amand en Puisaye in order to train workers for the local ceramics industry. At the dawn of its 3rd decade, the center launched a fundemental change in its training program, facilitating a more global approach to ceramics whilst keeping the technical base.

Since 2003, wishing to progress, the center joined european projects, notably the “EQUAL” programmes that has permitted them to open out to and develop new pedagogical concepts and partnerships notably with the school of Kohoutov.

Wolverhampton University UK

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Partners of the KUKS – Granátové jablko project:

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Gymnasium ve Dvůr Králové nad Labem

Keramické studio Jarmily Tyrnerové s.r.o., Kohoutov 74, 544 01 Dvůr Králové nad Labem
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