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History of the school

The studio opened on July 3, 1992, with a week-long program for American students, and continued with another 20 courses in the Czech language, concerned mainly with throwing on the potter’s wheel and decoration. In the same year, professional practice was commenced for external students of the Secondary Apprentice School of Arts and Crafts in Prague. At that time, Jarmila Tyrnerová taught all the courses.

In the following years, it became necessary to convert the original Tyrner family business into a limited liability company with several permanent employees and a fluctuating team of professional instructors. In 2008, the Ceramics Studio is offering 44 various courses divided into five branches of the tree – modelling, throwing on the wheel, casting, decorating and instructor. The courses are taught by 17 instructors, which include well-known personages of Czech and Slovak ceramics, including Academic Sculptor Jindra Viková and Academic Sculptor – Assistant Professor Ivica Langerová Vidrová, who teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

The Ceramics Studio has also held other events, where the following people have given lectures: Mr. and Ms. Hrdlička, Pravoslav Rada with his family, Phdr. Zlata Černá, Mgr. Zdeněk Freisleben, Dr. Anna Bauerová, Academic Sculptor Jan Hričák and others.

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